Season 4: Scottish People & Their Stories
Season 4: Scottish People & Their Stories

Season 4: Scottish People & Their Stories

Meet the people of Scotland – and hear their stories!

Season 4 of the Wild for Scotland podcast continues our journey into the stories & people of Scotland. After all, it’s them who make travelling here such a special experience!

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Wild for Scotland Season 4

Drawing inspiration from Scotland’s Year of Stories, the new season of Wild for Scotland explores the stories and lives of the people of Scotland. Across 10 episodes, host Kathi Kamleitner tells immersive stories about the time she spent with her guests, and the conversations she’s had with them.

‘Over the years, I have visited countless places in Scotland, and while they’re all beautiful to look at, it’s the people who make each of these locations so special. On every journey I meet people with fascinating stories to tell. Their passion for their local area is contagious and I’ve always felt inspired by these encounters. I hope that my stories will allow my listeners to connect not only with Scotland as a place, but also its people.

Host Kathi Kamleitner will tell stories about some of Scotland’s most significant historic sites, unique wildlife encounters on the edge of the Hebrides, dramatic castle walks, challenging hill climbs and the fascinating underwater world of the Scottish coast.

‘Meeting new people is without a doubt my favourite aspect about travelling. Wild for Scotland is peeling back the layers and digs deep to bring stories about people who make a visit to Scotland such a special experience.

Join Kathi as she travels to the towering mountains of Glencoe, the ancient standing stones at Kilmartin Glen, the seabird colonies on the Isle of Canna, the waters of the Argyll Hope Spot – and a few more that you’ll find out about soon!

Tune in soon for Wild for Scotland Season 4!


Wild for Scotland is part of Tremula Network.

Writer, host and producer: Kathi Kamleitner

Co-producer, editor & sound design: Fran Turauskis

Artwork: Lizzie Vaughan-Knight

Original music: Bruce Wallace

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