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How to get in touch


I’d love to hear your feedback on Wild for Scotland. If you want to leave public feedback, use one of the following options:

  • Leave a comment on social media – you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Leave a comment on the website under one of the episodes. You can find them all here.
  • Rate and write a review for the show on the podcast app you use to listen to it.

If you’d like to send me confident feedback, feel free to reach out via email hello@wildforscotland.com.

Suggestions for Episodes

Is there a certain place in Scotland you’d love to hear about on Wild for Scotland? Send me your suggestions for episodes via email hello@wildforscotland.com.

Please note though, that in order to write a story for the podcast, I need to have visited the place. So, if I haven’t been to the place you suggested, I may not be able to fulfil your wish. However, I’ll take note and consider frequently requested locations in my future travel plans.

Pitching Guests

Please note that all our guest interviews are arranged alongside our creative content and as such we are not open to traditional guest pitches.

That said, I’m always happy to connect with individuals who are passionate about Scotland and have a story to share – feel free to reach out and I’ll keep you in mind for future opportunities.

If you’d like to discuss a partnership including creative content and an interview, please get in touch to enquire about our podvertorials.

Questions about Scotland, podcasting, blogging etc.

Got questions about the places I mention on Wild for Scotland, podcasting or blogging in general? There are a few different ways to get in touch.

  • If you just have a quick question, get me on social media. Consider commenting your question on one of my posts, so that others can see the answer and also benefit from it.
  • Longer questions might require more detail or a little research and take up more of my time. Send me an email to hello@wildforscotland.com and kindly buy me a coffee via my Ko-Fi page so I can take out the time to send you a personal and detailed response.

Are you visiting Scotland & want personalised advice?

If you need help with your Scotland itinerary for an upcoming trip, I’d be delighted to help you with that.

Check out my Scotland Itinerary Consultation service.

Want to advertise on the show or sponsor an episode?

I am open to discuss advertising and sponsorship with organisations and brands that are aligned with Wild for Scotland.

Send me an email and let’s discuss – hello@wildforscotland.com.

For reference, see how I work with brands on my Scotland travel blog here.