Wild for Scotland

Wild for Scotland

An Immersive Travel Podcast

Storytelling Podcast

Enjoy a new story every week. Every episode starts with an immersive travel story and is followed by my top 5 tips for visiting.

Experience Scotland

Visit Scotland from the comfort of your home – regardless of your travel plans. Each story visits a different location in Scotland.

Immersive Listening

No matter where you listen to the show, I want you to lean back (if only figuratively) and imagine you’re right there with me.


Wild for Scotland is an immersive travel podcast with stories by award-winning Scotland travel blogger Kathi Kamleitner (Watch Me See).

Inspired by the ongoing travel restrictions due to the pandemic, the podcast is for Scotland-lovers around the world who miss travel and the opportunity to visit.

The show enables you to lean back and travel to Scotland. It allows you to connect with the country through stories, indulge in a little bit of escapism and dream up future trips.

Each episode includes an immersive story as well as a few practical trips to inspire future trips.

Cover art by Lizzie Vaughan-Knight of Tartan Trailburner.
Original music by Bruce Wallace.

Podcast Host Kathi Kamleitner (1)

Meet the Host

Kathi Kamleitner is an Austrian writer, who moved to Scotland in 2013 for uni, fell in love with the country and never left. Her award-winning Scotland travel blog Watch Me See is a trusted resource for visitors planning a trip to Scotland. She offers private walking tours of Glasgow and tailored itinerary planning services. Find out more about Kathi here.

Wild for Scotland is Kathi’s first podcast, but a natural continuation of her work with Watch Me See – a place to help people connect with Scotland through stories, pictures and sounds.

Season 2

‘Wild Isle’ – Isle of Mull

Episode 10 (Season 2): 'Wild Isle' Let's go back to the roots and hop over to the Isle of Mull for a road trip down... Read More "‘Wild Isle’ – Isle of Mull"

‘The Birds and the Trees’ – The Snow Roads in the Cairngorms

Episode 19 (Season 2): 'The Birds and the Trees' Let's immerse ourselves in nature and spend time exploring one of Scotland's national parks: on the... Read More "‘The Birds and the Trees’ – The Snow Roads in the Cairngorms"

‘Step by Step’ – East Neuk of Fife

Episode 18 (Season 2): 'Step by Step' - East Neuk of Fife Ready for breathtaking coastal scenery and quirky villages? Let's swap our cars for... Read More "‘Step by Step’ – East Neuk of Fife"

‘Whisky Galore’ – On the Malt Whisky Trail

Episode 17 (Season 2): 'Whisky Galore' Let's park the car, pour ourselves a dram and explore the Malt Whisky Trail in Speyside! 'Whisky Galore' is... Read More "‘Whisky Galore’ – On the Malt Whisky Trail"

Season 1


I’m not normally podcast person but Kathi's storytelling really pulls you in. I can’t wait to visit Iona again!

Nicola Holland, Funky Ella's Travel

The storytelling pulls you in

The storytelling pulls you in

This brand-new podcast is the perfect company for your daily walk. Almost immediately my city surroundings had blurred into the background as I was transported to the Scottish Isles. This is exactly the kind of escapism we all need right now!

Kay Gillespie, The Chaotic Scot

Exactly what we need!

Exactly what we need!

Kathi has created a little gateway to Scotland! I am enjoying being back or discovering new places through her adventures. A breath of Scottish fresh air.

Sophie Maulevrier, Glenvoil

A breath of Scottish fresh air

A breath of Scottish fresh air