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Wild for Scotland is an independently produced podcast. There is no network, publication or organisation that has our back or supports the show financially – it’s all done by me and my tiny team of freelancers.

The show is free to listen to and available to anyone. And we’d love to keep it this way!

Whether you enjoy the show or the Scotland travel resources over at Kathi’s travel blog Watch Me See, you can support our work in several ways:

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Financial giving isn’t always an option, but you can still support the show.

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What happens with the money?

Wild for Scotland is an independently produced show.

Your support enables us to keep creating the podcast. We use the money to pay Fran to all the editing and sound design, and Michelle who does the transcripts.

Additionally, Kathi uses any money that is left over from your support and/or from sponsorship to head out on the road to collect new stories all over Scotland.

Your support means the world to us!