Coming soon: Wild for Scotland
Coming soon: Wild for Scotland

Coming soon: Wild for Scotland

Coming soon: Wild for Scotland

Hello there and welcome to Wild for Scotland, a new podcast that allows you to travel to Scotland through stories. 

My name is Kathi Kamleitner, I’m a writer and storyteller and I run the Scotland travel blog Watch Me See. I started Wild for Scotland as a way to help you visit Scotland without ever having to leave your home.

Each episode starts with a travel story about a location or an experience from my travels. Then I’ll tell you some of my top tips for visiting to inspire a future trip.

The first season of Wild for Scotland is all about the Scottish isles. Each week for 10 weeks, we travel to a different island and spend some time together, exploring their nooks and crannies, history and landscapes.

Are you ready?

Great, subscribe to Wild for Scotland now and join me for a journey full of adventure.

Let’s travel to Scotland!

Listen now:


Written, hosted and produced by Kathi Kamleitner.

Additional support from Fran Turauskis.

Cover art illustrated by Lizzie Vaughan-Knight.

Music by Bruce Wallace.


  1. Gemma

    This sounds so exciting! I’ve only been to a few islands but can say the experience has been like nowhere else and I’ve traveled through the US, lived in Canada, backpacked South America. Particularly untested in the east coast. Not been to Orkney or Shetland yet! Love the artwork btw.

    1. Thank you so much, Maurice – so glad you enjoyed the trailer! I’m not even done with the islands season yet and already can’t wait to start working on season 2 and focus on other hidden gems around the country. Will definitely have to work on a Kintyre episode 🙂

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