Revealing the Wild for Scotland Cover Art
Revealing the Wild for Scotland Cover Art

Revealing the Wild for Scotland Cover Art

Revealing the Wild for Scotland Cover Art

After an incredibly close vote by my community of Scotland-lovers (who were able to vote on Instagram and via my email list), I have finally chosen the cover art for the Wild for Scotland podcast.

The cover art for the Wild for Scotland podcast was designed and illustrated by Lizzie Vaughan-Knight of Tartan Trailburner.

I asked Lizzie a few questions about her work and the design. Enjoy reading more!

For anyone who doesn’t know you and Tartan Trailburner, tell us a bit about yourself & your artistic journey.

Hello, I’m Lizzie! I’ve been working as a tour guide around Scotland since 2017 and love showing off its stunning landscape to visitors from around the world. When the pandemic hit I was unable to continue my job, so instead began making art inspired by Scotland.

I have a passion for colourful landscapes and historic landmarks, and by sharing my artwork and stories through social media I have been able to reach out to people who can’t be here in person. It started as a bit of fun but has turned into a small online business and I now sell prints, postcards and original paintings worldwide.

What was it that drew you to work with Kathi on the Wild for Scotland cover art?

Because we both love Scotland and want to share it with others! Also I really admire that Kathi has carved out a place for herself in the Scottish tourism industry through her work as a travel consultant and content creator. She is taking a fresh approach which the sector needs right now.

How did you choose the icons to include in the design?

I chose icons that represent the elements of the podcast, the Scottish islands and invoke a sense of movement and adventure. I also wanted to bring in Kathi’s branding colours which is reflected in the yellow of the Stevenson’s lighthouse and the puffin’s beak, and the green of the island and background.

How do you manage to stay connected with the joys of travelling around Scotland during lockdown? 

Making art allows me to travel anywhere through my sketchbook, it has been my coping mechanism for the last year! I also follow the social media accounts of my colleagues, who continue to share wonderful photos and stories from their own tours around Scotland. And now I can’t wait to listen to the Wild for Scotland podcast!

Wild for Scotland is launching on 2 March 2021. Follow it on Instagram @wildforscotland for updates & more!

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