‘Island Hopping’ – Boat trip to Iona, Staffa and the Treshnish Isles
‘Island Hopping’ – Boat trip to Iona, Staffa and the Treshnish Isles

‘Island Hopping’ – Boat trip to Iona, Staffa and the Treshnish Isles

Episode 1: ‘Island Hopping’ – Iona, Staffa and the Treshnish Isles

How many islands can you visit in one day? The first episode of Wild for Scotland sees us embarking on an adventure on the west coast.

“Island Hopping” tells the story of a day trip by boat to visit the Isles of Iona, Staffa and Lunga of the Treshnish Isles – all from our homebase on the Isle of Mull. That’s 4 islands in one day!

We wander among the medieval ruins and moorlands of Iona, hop on a shaky boat ride to the Isle of Lunga, hike to the top of a tall cliff to see – you guessed it – puffins, and eventiually find out way to the mythical Isle of Staffa with its famous sea cave and black basalt columns.

Then, I give you top 5 tips to visit the Iona, Staffa and Lunga yourself.

Are you ready? Great – let’s travel to Scotland!

Helpful links for this episode:

Read my blog post about this tour from the Isle of Mull.

Book a tour with Staffa Tours too.

Learn about Staffa from the National Trust for Scotland.

Read Madeleine Bunting’s book I mentioned – Love of Country.

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Join my Scotland Facebook group to find like-minded Scotland lovers.


Written, hosted and produced by Kathi Kamleitner. Additional support by Fran Turauskis.

Cover Art illustrated by Lizzie Vaughan-Knight. Musik by Bruce Wallace.

Additional sound effects from Zapsplat, Pond5 and SoundBoard.

All photographs by Kathi Kamleitner.

Season 1: Islands

The first season of Wild for Scotland is all about the Scottish isles. Each week, we travel to a different island and spend some time exploring their nooks and crannies, history and landscapes.

Images from Iona, Staffa and Lunga

All photographs by Kathi Kamleitner.


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  2. Gemma

    Wee bit of dreaming on a dreary afternoon! Absolute bucket list for me. Laughed at the ginger for sea sickness, ginger biscuits always recommended to pregnant pals!

    Congratulations on your first show. X

  3. Diane

    Love your podcast Kathi.
    We should have been in Scotland for Easter & now hoping our trip at the end of May will be able to go ahead.
    Your wonderful words and photographs will certainly help pass the weeks until we can return.

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