Heather Thomas-Smith on Scottish Neolithic History in Argyll
Heather Thomas-Smith on Scottish Neolithic History in Argyll

Heather Thomas-Smith on Scottish Neolithic History in Argyll

Episode 38 (Season 4): Scottish Neolithic History in Argyll with Heather Thomas-Smith

Join me for a conversation with Heather Thomas-Smith, a hiking guide from Argyll. We’ll talk about uncovering early Scottish history, visiting Neolithic sites in Kilmartin Glen and how to connect more deeply with ancient stories and people.

Heather Thomas-Smith combines her passion for the great Scottish outdoors with her interest in history and background in geology to guide fascinating journeys through the Heart of Argyll. Whether you’re interested in Scotland’s Neolithic period or its natural history, want to see pretty Highland scenery or forage for edible plants among the rocks – Heather is the guide for you.

Tune in for my conversation with Heather in which we cover:

  • Why history is about more than just dry facts, dates and names,
  • How a guide researches and prepares new experiences,
  • Why Heather chose the Heart of Argyll as a homebase

and more!

If you’re new to Kilmartin Glen, listen to last week’s story 6,000 times around the sun for a taste of this beautiful region.

Connect with Heather in Instagram @heatheryheights and find out more about her recommended walks and guiding services at heatheryheights.co.uk

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Photos from our hike around Kilmartin Glen with Heather Thomas-Smith


Written and hosted by Kathi Kamleitner.
Produced, edited and sound design by Fran Turauskis.
Transcripts and social media by Kirsty Spain.
Cover Art illustrated by Lizzie Vaughan-Knight.
All original music composed by Bruce Wallace.
All photographs by Kathi Kamleitner.


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  2. Theresa Currier

    This was a beautiful episode. I’m American with Argyll roots (Islay and Kilchoman). I am very interested in visiting. I was hoping to get in touch with Heather to discuss. I also teach history and geography, so this episode resonated with me very deeply. Love this podcast!!


    1. Hi Theresa, thank you so much for listening and your kind comment! I’m so happy to hear your enjoyed the episode and you feel inspired to reach out to Heather for your visit 😊 All the best for planning your trip! Kathi

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