Adam Raja on Mountaineering, Glencoe & Climate Activism
Adam Raja on Mountaineering, Glencoe & Climate Activism

Adam Raja on Mountaineering, Glencoe & Climate Activism

Episode 40 (Season 4): Mountaineering & climate activism with Adam Raja

Join me for a conversation with Adam Raja, a mountaineer & climber, photographer and climate activist from Glasgow. We’ll talk about his journey to the mountains, our shared love for Glencoe and the threats of climate change to the Scottish Highlands.

Adam Raja is a mountain man, but if you looked at his photography and social media platforms, you’d never think that it took most of his life to develop that passion for the outdoors. It came as no surprise to me though, that the hills of Glencoe played an important role on this journey…

Today, Adam is a photographer and works with Protect Our Winters UK, the British branch of a global charity advocating for the planet.

Tune in for my chat with Adam in which we cover…

  • The importance of unobstructed access to the outdoors
  • How he discovered and fostered his love for the Scottish hills
  • Why Glencoe is such an important place for him (and for me) & some of our early hiking mishaps,
  • The impact of climate change on our beloved hills in Scotland, and
  • What each and every one of us can do to fight climate change.

If you haven’t listened to my story about my hike in Glencoe yet (following a route recommended by Adam), listen to Where it all began here.

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Find out more about Protect Our Winters on their website.

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