Scotland’s Snorkel Trails with Elouise Cartner & Lyle Boyle
Scotland’s Snorkel Trails with Elouise Cartner & Lyle Boyle

Scotland’s Snorkel Trails with Elouise Cartner & Lyle Boyle

Episode 56: Scotland’s Snorkel Trails with Elouise Cartner & Lyle Boyle

Let’s put on our suits, masks and flippers and explore Scotland’s Snorkel Trails with guests from the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Ecology Centre.

Scotland’s Snorkel Trails highlight suitable places to snorkel in search of marine wildlife all along the Scottish coast.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has developed ten snorkel trails from the north west Highlands around Ullapool to the south eastern coast in Berwickshire. In this episode, we talk to Living Seas engagement officer Elouise Cartner about her work with the snorkel trails and how snorkelling can contribute to stronger relationships between people and the coast.

We travel to Kirkcaldy in Fife to snorkel at Ravenscraig Beach, one of the sites on the newly launched South Fife Snorkel Trail. And we meet Lyle Boyle from local nature conservation charity The Ecology Centre, who contributed significantly to picking sites for the trail.

In this episode about Scotland’s Snorkel Trails we cover…

  • Why the Scottish Wildlife Trust is creating these trails
  • How local people can benefit from them
  • What is the “extinction of experience”
  • How visitors can make the most of the snorkel trails
  • Elouise’s favourite places to snorkel
  • New snorkel trails that are currently in development

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What is the “extinction of experience” and does it matter?

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Disclaimer: All information provided in this podcast is based on personal travel experiences. Companies mentioned in the story or tips were active at the time of release. If you listen to episodes at a later point, note that this information may have changed in the meantime.


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