‘Between the Tides’ – A Hike to Oransay, Isle of Colonsay
‘Between the Tides’ – A Hike to Oransay, Isle of Colonsay

‘Between the Tides’ – A Hike to Oransay, Isle of Colonsay

Episode 9: ‘Between the Tides’ – Oransay (Isle of Colonsay)

Can you imagine walking to an island across the sea? This episode of Wild for Scotland takes you on an unconventional island hopping journey from the Isle of Colonsay to Oransay.

‘Between the Tides’ is a story about one of my favourite island experiences ever: the walk from Colonsay across a tidal causeway to the small island Oransay (or Oronsay – both spellings are common).

Home to a plethora of wildlife, dotted with historic sites and lined with breathtaking beaches, the island is worth the effort it requires to get there.

The origin of the name Oransay isn’t quite clear. Some believe it was named after for the Irish missionary St Oran, who landed here in the 6th century. Others link the name to the Old Norse word for “island of the low tide”. I’ll let you make up your own mind after listening to this story!

But the walk to Oransay isn’t the only highlight of a trip to Colonsay – as always, I include my top 5 tips at the end of the show.

Now, let’s travel to Scotland!

References & Helpful Links

Check this site for information on tides and how to figure out when it’s safe to walk to Oransay.

Find out more about things to do on Islay, Jura and Colonsay in my Scottish island guide.

Book a stay at the Gin Lover’s Retreat

Hire bikes at Colonsay Bike and Board Hire

Stay at the Colonsay Hotel

Join the locals on their weekly beach cleans

Read more about the birds and wildlife on Oransay


Written, hosted and produced by Kathi Kamleitner. Additional support by Fran Turauskis.

Cover Art illustrated by Lizzie Vaughan-Knight. Musik by Bruce Wallace.

Additional sound effects from Zapsplat, Pond5 and SoundBoard.

All photographs by Kathi Kamleitner.

Season 1: Islands

The first season of Wild for Scotland is all about the Scottish isles. Each week, we travel to a different island and spend some time exploring their nooks and crannies, history and landscapes.

Images from Colonsay and Oransay


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