‘Day and Night’ – Star Gazing on the Isle of Coll
‘Day and Night’ – Star Gazing on the Isle of Coll

‘Day and Night’ – Star Gazing on the Isle of Coll

Episode 10: ‘Day and Night’ – Isle of Coll

What’s the best time to experience the Isle of Coll? My answer to this might not be what you expect – let’s travel there together in this episode of Wild for Scotland.

‘Day and Night’ is a story about falling in love with an island, regardless of when you head out to explore.

This is the final episode of season 1 of Wild for Scotland and in many ways, the show has come full circle. This story picks up exactly where ‘Lullaby’ – the first story I wrote for this podcast – left off. We’re going to the Isle of Coll, first exploring its sugged coastline and rocky outcrops by boat, then seeing a different side to it at night.

After the story, I share some of my top tips for a trip to the Isle of Coll. There isn’t much to do here, but in a way that is exactly the appeal!

Are you ready? Great – let’s travel to Scotland!

References & useful links

Plan a trip with my Coll travel guide.

Book a boat trip or water taxi with IsleGO.

Stay at Coll Hotel.

Learn about the Dark Skies on the Isle of Coll.

Sign up for a stargazing weekend on Coll.

Support this show on Patreon and unlock bonus episodes.

Check out my Scotland travel blog Watch Me See.


Written, hosted and produced by Kathi Kamleitner. Additional support by Fran Turauskis.

Cover Art illustrated by Lizzie Vaughan-Knight. Musik by Bruce Wallace.

Additional sound effects from Zapsplat, Pond5 and SoundBoard.

All photographs by Kathi Kamleitner.

Season 1: Islands

The first season of Wild for Scotland is all about the Scottish isles. Each week, we travel to a different island and spend some time exploring their nooks and crannies, history and landscapes.

Images from the Isle of Coll

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