‘Wake Up’ – Wild camping on the Isle of Bute
‘Wake Up’ – Wild camping on the Isle of Bute

‘Wake Up’ – Wild camping on the Isle of Bute

Episode 4: ‘Wake Up’ – Isle of Bute

Is waking up to the sound of the sea always the peaceful experience you imagine? This episode of Wild for Scotland whisks you away to the Isle of Bute to find out.

‘Wake Up’ is a story about my first-ever solo wild camping experience. I chose the West Island Way for this adventure, a 30-mile long-distance trail that runs across the Isle of Bute. The island isn’t far from Glasgow – just a hop, skip and a jump away – but its coast is the perfect place to pitch your tent in solitude and pretend you’re in some remote corner of the country.

The West Island Way is very beginner-friendly and most people can walk it in 2-3 days. Camping is optional, as the hike is well-connected by bus and there are lots of B&Bs on Bute.

But, I wanted to give it a try – especially because I had never wild camped on my own. Needless to say, it came with its own challenges… You’ll have to listen to find out more!

After the story I share some of my top tips for a trip to the Isle of Bute and a hike on the West Island Way.

References and useful links

Use my West Island Way hiking guide to follow my footsteps.

Check out Susanne Arbuckle’s blog Adventures Around Scotland. She used to live on Bute and took me round the island after my hike.

Find out more about the World War 2 decoy bunker on Bute.

Book your tickets for the Five-Ferry-Route.

Become a patron and support Wild for Scotland.

Join my Scotland Facebook group to find like-minded Scotland lovers.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this podcast is based on personal travel experiences. Companies mentioned in the story or tips were active at the time of release. If you listen to episodes at a later point, note that this information may have changed in the meantime.


Written, hosted and produced by Kathi Kamleitner. Additional support by Fran Turauskis.

Cover Art illustrated by Lizzie Vaughan-Knight. Musik by Bruce Wallace.

Additional sound effects from Zapsplat, Pond5 and SoundBoard.

All photographs by Kathi Kamleitner.

Season 1: Islands

The first season of Wild for Scotland is all about the Scottish isles. Each week, we travel to a different island and spend some time exploring their nooks and crannies, history and landscapes.

Images from the Isle of Bute


  1. norman atkinson

    fab tent
    My Vaude Hogan Ultralight 2 man tent has performed almost flawlessly for 10 years of regular touring use between 2011 and 2019. The design is well suited to a solo cycle tourer
    used it in arctic Norway Iceland Denmark and Spain
    Iam going to tour Scotland next year starting at Isle of Bute

    Keep Safe


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